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Murder us not, tonsured rumpots! Conflict and crime Food and drink. In medieval times the church, being the only center of literacy and learning in the west, maintained meticulous accounting records. Archaic words have a charm that never fades away, from French sounding to wondrously mysterious ones. Once removed from the fire, the iron cools quickly.


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Slang can be extremely weird that way. Putting the felines to one side for a moment, ''the phrase 'full of piss and wind' was used to great effect by George Reid,'' writes Andrew Nieuwenhof, of Lennox Head, ''as reported in Michelle Grattan's book on Australian prime ministers. Problems viewing this page? Shopping Sheryl - home from the hospital. How does this make sense? I don't think it's like "are you shitting me" because to me, that usually means "are you kidding me?

A pot to piss in – Strong Language

The meanings are the same for both. I suspect a related slang phrase is "full of piss and vinegar. Further back, "ticked off" may also have linkage with "tickled" meaning "irritated, used by Shakespeare and Pepys, discussed here. If you can help it would be helpful I don't want to write my paper all out and it would based in mt rerseach paper due to be compelte. Taken from The Phrase Finder: Not Have a Pot to Piss in:
During wars, collection of urine for the production of nitrates explosives has been considered or implemented https: Cockney rhyming slang mickey is short for mickey bliss and it means tasking the piss. WikiProject Ireland Ireland articles. One theory is that it originated in the middle ages when there were in circulation, pieces of the Holy Rood or Cross on which Jesus was crucified. Anonymous August 11, at I'd always interpreted "taking the piss" as joking at someone's expense. It's a command, meaning something similar to the USian "fuck off" or the German " verpiss dich ".

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