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Michael Ford, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, discusses the effectiveness of school vouchers. Steven Bednar and Dora Gicheva discuss how minority teachers are underrepresented in elementary and secondary schools. Butler William and Grace Butler Dr. Pearl James and Jessica L. But claims that homeschooling improves educational outcomes are not supported by the evidence.

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Matt Barnum shares the results of a recent study from Helen Ladd and John Singleton that looked at the cost of opening new charter schools on one North Carolina district. Rich Milner writes about creating and facilitating conversations about race in classrooms. In fact, reducing attrition by half could virtually eliminate shortages. Martin Joseph Smola Mr. Tim Walker shares a conversation with Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Michigan State University, who recently released two studies on teacher resignation letters. Because until we tackle the huge inequities at the core of these early gaps, we will continue to live with them. As of now, however, the evidence is clear.

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Paul Douglas Gouin Ms. Michele Weiseinstein Mansmann Mr. Her blog shares a data from a report by the Center on Reinventing Public Education CRPE that examined 18 city-level policies designed to help parents wade through complex school choice options. Blandford and Patrick S. Question 2 calls for lifting the cap on the number of charters in Massachusetts. Linda Anderson Lisa C.
John Rosales reports on teacher and support staff 'moonlighting' educators who work second jobs. Tim Walker digs into a speech by Betsy DeVos that outlined her goals to shift massive amounts of taxpayer money away from public schools to private religious schools. Emily Hodge, Serena Salloum, Susanna Benko authored a policy brief describing how state education agencies can support high quality instruction. Cynthia Canty interviews Andre Perry on charter schools in urban areas. No matter how we slice the data, low-income students are increasingly likely to be isolated in schools, which research overwhelmingly finds has a deleterious effect on their academic progress. Andres Andrew Insurance, Inc.

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