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AnneBrice150Anne Brice

Anne Brice is the Head of Knowledge and Library Services for Public Health England, the expert national public health agency with a mission to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities. After qualifying in 1983, Anne has had a variety of positions in academic and health libraries, including the University of London, Borders Health Board, and the University of Oxford. She has held a range of national roles, including those with the former National electronic Library for Health, NHS National Knowledge Service, and the Department of Health. Prior to joining Public Health England she was Head of Knowledge Management at Better Value Health Care, and seconded to the PHE Transition Team in the Department of Health to lead the Active Knowledge Management programme. Anne’s professional interests include evidence based practice, professional development, and the information professionals role in facilitating knowledge translation. She is currently undertaking a DPhil in Evidence Based Health Care at the University of Oxford in the area of participant experience in online research.

A Brettle - 150x150Alison Brettle

Dr Alison Brettle is a Reader in Evidence Based Practice at the University of Salford. She has specialist expertise in literature searching, systematic review methodology, evidence based practice and the evaluation of health information services; pioneering the use of systematic reviews in library and information practice. She has over 20 years experience of health, social care and library related research and teaching environments and has led and supported a wide range of projects and published extensively. She has been involved with the open access professional journal, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice since its inception and hosted and co-chaired the 6th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice in Salford in 2011. As an active member of the UK professional body, CILIP, she leads research training and awards on behalf of the Library and Information Research Group.

D Cmor - 150x150Dianne Cmor

Dianne Cmor is Deputy University Librarian at Nanyang Technological University Libraries, having held previous positions at Hong Kong Baptist University, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Trent University (the latter two in Canada). She has spent most of her career working in user services with a focus on research services, instructional services, scholarly communication and outreach. She has presented and published in areas related to information literacy and instruction, discovery services, subject librarianship and evidence-based practice.

J Eldredge - 150x150Jonathan Eldredge

Jonathan Eldredge, MLS, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the University of New Mexico. His primary appointment is in the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center with a secondary appointment in the Department of Family & Community Medicine. His administrative title is Evidence Based & Translational Sciences Collaboration Coordinator. For years Jon has enjoyed the challenges of tackling increasingly complex projects. He has an active research program with over 45 articles published in peer reviewed journals. Methodologically, he has a special interest in experimental designs. Jon led a team that conducted the two Delphi studies that defined the Medical Library Association’s research agenda. The team subsequently organized 15 separate systematic review teams to address the MLA Research Agenda. Jon co-directs the three-year longitudinal Evidence Based Practice course for all medical students, co-teaches the Biomedical Informatics course in the CTSC MSCR Program, and co-teaches the MPH Principles of Public Health course.

S Hirsh - 150 x 150Sandra Hirsh

Sandra Hirsh is Professor and Director of the School of Information at San José State University. Prior to joining the School as Director, she worked in the Silicon Valley for more than a decade at major technology companies: Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. As an industry user experience researcher, leader, and manager, she contributed to R&D research projects and influenced the user experience of web, mobile, and TV consumer products resulting in 5 U.S. patents/applications. She is the co-chair and co-creator of the global virtual Library 2.0 conference series, 2015 President of the Association for Information Science & Technology, and a 2013 Salzburg Fellow.  She has also held leadership and committee roles in other associations, including the American Library Association (ALA), the Special Libraries Association (SLA), and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

N Johnston - 150x150Nicole Johnston

Dr Nicole Johnston is a Lecturer in Library and Information Studies at University College London Qatar. She lectures on a range of areas in the MA Library and Information Studies degree program including information retrieval, collection management and information literacy education. Nicole completed her PhD at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Her research was about the information literacy experiences of EFL students. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Graduate Certificate in Education and a Master’s of Library and Information Science degree. Nicole has worked as a lecturer, librarian and English teacher in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Ireland and Japan.

MJoseph -150x150Mylee Joseph

Mylee Joseph is a library industry specialist with a diverse background working in research and public libraries in New South Wales. From 2012-14 she led the State Library of NSW Innovation Project trialling social media tools for service delivery and digital engagement with the community. She is currently a consultant to the NSW public library network based at the State Library of NSW. Mylee served on the international expert panel for the NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Library Edition.

D Koufogiannakis - 150x150Denise Koufogiannakis

Denise Koufogiannakis is the Collections and Acquisitions Coordinator at the University of Alberta Libraries in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Denise co-founded the open access journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice and has held several editorial positions since the journal’s inception in 2006, including Editor-in-Chief. She was also co-chair of the 2nd international conference when it was held in Edmonton in 2003. Denise has contributed to several national organizations including the Canadian Library Association, the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries, and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network. She has been actively involved with librarian research training initiatives, including serving as a mentor/instructor at the CARL Librarians Research Institute (Canada), and as a Library Advisory Board member for the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (US).

S Lewis - 150x150Suzanne Lewis

Suzanne Lewis is Library Services Manager at the Central Coast Local Health District in New South Wales, Australia. She has worked in health librarianship for fifteen years. Her interests include professional development for health librarians, evidence based librarianship and evidence based practice. She has contributed papers and evidence summaries to the online journal Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, and is a member of the editorial advisory board. She was the Convenor of the ALIA Health Libraries Australia group from 2010 until March 2013, and is a member of the current executive with responsibility for the portfolio of Professional Development, Education and Training. Suzanne is also a faculty member of the Australian Librarians’ Evidence Based Practice Institute which conducts an intensive residential EBP workshop yearly in Australia.

G Oliver - 150x150Gillian Oliver

Dr Gillian Oliver’s professional practice background spans information management in the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. Her research interests reflect these experiences, focusing on the information cultures of organisations. She has a PhD from Monash University, Australia. As recipient of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship awarded by the European Commission, she was Visiting Scholar at Tallinn University in 2009. She is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow and at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. She is a member of Archives New Zealand’s Archives Council. Gillian has been a member of the New Zealand Library and Information Management Journal editorial board since 2006, is Editor of Archifacts, the journal of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Archival Science.

O Pilerot - 150x150Ola Pilerot

Dr Ola Pilerot is a lecturer at The Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS), University of Borås, where he teaches within the field of information practices and information literacies. He has a particular interest in issues concerning information literacy. This interest has given him several opportunities through the years to talk as an invited speaker at conferences, universities and libraries. He was for example, appointed as key-note speaker at the 5th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference which was arranged in Stockholm in 2009. Before joining SSLIS, Pilerot worked as a librarian for more than 15 years, a career that was rounded of as deputy library director at Skövde University. He is a member of the Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS) at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Borås, and of the International Information Literacies Research Network (iilresearch).

S Yukiko - 150x150Yukiko Sakai

Dr Yukiko Sakai has been working as an Associate Professor for the School of Library and Information Science, Keio University since 2013. Her research interests and teaching areas include consumer health informatics, academic and medical librarianship, and library assessment. She is a member of the board of directors of The Japan Medical Library Association and is responsible for professional development. Before joining the school as a faculty member, she worked for a medical library at the university for over twenty years. As a medical librarian and a researcher, she was involved in various government funded projects concerning academic librarianship, evidence-based medicine, and evidence-based librarianship. Yukiko is a recipient of a number of awards from academic and professional associations and societies in Japan and the USA including the Highly Commended Poster at the 4th International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference in 2007.

S Sukovic - 150x150Suzana Sukovic

Dr Suzana Sukovic is Head of the Learning Resource Centre at St. Vincent’s College, Potts Point in Sydney and Co-Chair of the ALIA Research Advisory Committee. Suzana has an extensive experience in the information industry and commitment to evidence-based practice. She has worked on professional and academic research projects, and published papers on a range of issues from transliteracy and library innovation to indigenous knowledge management. Her doctoral thesis explored roles of electronic texts in research projects in the humanities. She was the recipient of several awards, including ALIA Research Award 2012. Suzana leads the group LARK (Library Applied Research Kollektive), which always welcomes new members.

AnnAnna Maria Tammaroa Maria Tammaro

Anna Maria Tammaro is the Chair of IFLA Section Library Theory; from 2007 to 2009 and from 2011 to 2013 she has been member of the IFLA Governing Board and from 2007 to 2011 was Chair of the Education and Training Section. From 2013, she is member of the Governing Board of the Italian Library Association (AIB). She is teaching in the International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL) at the University of Parma. Her research interests include Digital Library, Internationalisation of LIS education. She has been involved in the Italian research projects “Digital Library Applications” and “Access to digital library” and has collaborated with the European projects “Minerva Ministerial Network for digitisation in Europe” and the Tempus Project NMPLIS.

S Virkus - 150x150Sirje Virkus

Sirje Virkus is a Professor of Information Science at the Institute of Information Studies (IIS) at Tallinn University. She has an extensive experience working with educational innovation and research in the higher education sector in Estonia. She is a board member of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities since 2003. Since 2007 she has been engaged in the consortium of the international collaborative MA programme Digital Library Learning (DILL) and works as the coordinator of the programme at Tallinn University. The programme was initiated with the support of Erasmus Mundus (2007-2013) and has proved its sustainability. Her research interests are focused on the development of information-related competencies, ICT innovation in education and internationalisation. She has written more than 150 research publications. She belongs to the editorial board of several high quality scientific journals and conference programme committees. She received her PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University (“Development of Information-related Competencies in European Higher Open and Distance Learning: An Exploration of Contextual Factors”). In 2012 she was elected as an Erasmus Ambassador in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Erasmus programme by the European Commission. Since October 2012 she is a head of the Centre for Information and Knowledge Management at IIS.


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