The International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP) Conference is a biennial event that aims to promote the use of the best available evidence in practices and processes particular to the library and information profession. The Conference provides an opportunity to bring together researchers and practitioners from all sectors to discuss and explore contemporary issues and topics of relevance to evidence based practice.

The theme of the 8th International EBLIP Conference “evidence and practice: working together” reflects our focus on narrowing the gap between practice and evidence and in promoting evidence based practice in all parts of the information profession.  Evidence based library and information practice (EBLIP), once based on the medical paradigm, is changing and evolving. We are developing practices and processes particular to the library and information profession and reconfiguring the traditional evidence based philosophy to suit individual circumstances and locations. Collaboration across institutions and sectors is fundamental to learning through sharing experiences, publication of quality research results, and a sustainable and connected EBLIP community.

What is EBLIP?

Evidence based practice within the library and information professions emerged around the turn of the 21st century, promoting an approach that emphasised the critical use of research to improve decision making and to foster best practice. Evidence may include a diverse range of legitimate sources of evidence that librarians use in their decision making processes, including quantitative and qualitative research, publications, locally collected statistics, open access data and “soft” sources such as accumulated knowledge, opinion, instinct and relationships.

Who should attend EBLIP8?

EBLIP8 will be of interest and relevance to all members of the library and information community, regardless of sector or role. It offers a forum for the presentation of cutting edge research in the field as well as the opportunity for scholarly discussion about the future of evidence based practice within our profession. The conference welcomes the involvement of all sectors within the profession – public, academic, school and special. EBLIP8 is a place for all library and information professionals regardless of their specialisation who are interested in learning how to harness evidence to establish best practice and to make informed decisions and in doing so ensure excellence in library and information services.